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This hugely talented band is destined for great things.  Osemundo is a 6 piece multinational band based in the South of England playing world music that is an eclectic fusion of Afro, Latin and Caribbean music with a touch of rock at times from the lead guitar. They write their own songs, weaving their diverse musical heritage to create a unique sound.Tallawah is a Patois-Creole (Jamaican dialect) word meaning small but strong, fearless, and not to be underestimated.The members come from six different nations and the band currently sing in six different languages. English, Spanish, Shona, Wolof, Susu and Mandinga.

Afro Tallawah go down a storm everywhere they play whether small venues or festivals ...... audiences just love this band.  They are true exponents of world music from the flamboyant sounds of Cuba through to a scorching Afro-beat sometimes in its naked glory and sometimes with a reggae lilt.  Afro Tallawah will take you on a musical journey of delight and have an audience on their feet and dancing within minutes of their opening number.